Bounty: Upgrade StackUp Invaders

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Note: Bounty rewards on Campus are awarded to the most deserving submissions based on the evaluation criteria.

In the capstone project of the Immutable campaign, we created our space invaders style game called StackUp Invaders. It was a rather simple implementation which utilized Immutable Passport for logging in and also the minting of an NFT. In this bounty, you are challenged to make improvements to your StackUp Invaders game in terms of graphics, style, game mechanics and use of Immutable products.

Here are some suggested upgrades that you can make to your game. However, feel free to explore other options.

  1. Minting just one NFT for every new player. Each time the player levels up, the NFT's metadata is refreshed, giving the impression that the NFT evolves.
  2. Read the player's NFT inventory for the Level 2 badge, such that if they are a returning player, they will be able to start the game with their upgraded spaceship.
  3. Have more achievement milestones that grant the player power ups, such as more bullets, or bullets that shoot in different directions
  4. Increasing the difficulty of subsequent levels of the game through changing the game mechanics such as the movement of aliens or the type of aliens
  5. Introducing in-game currency that can purchase power ups. These power ups can be permanent in the form of NFTs.
  6. Using gasless mints such that the user does not need to pay for minting

You may rework the entire game if you like if it makes your development easier, e.g. using NextJS or other frameworks for your game, or deploying more smart contracts for more features. However, it must still utilize Immutable Passport for logging in and minting of NFTs.


This quest has 4 deliverables.

  1. Discord username and X handle
  2. Link to your Write Up
  3. GitHub repository Link
  4. Link To Your Game

This quest is part of a campaign so do check out other quests!

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