Gamer Onboarding with Immutable Passport







Following on from the first campaign, this campaign covers the Immutable Passport. With its frictionless sign-in features and automated non-custodial wallet creation, players can jump directly into games, bypassing the hassle of setting up a new wallet for each game. We will also look at creating a space invaders game that has NFTs minted with achievements.

With the knowledge and tools at your command, are you ready to shape tomorrow's gaming narratives? Join us now and experience the prowess of Immutable zkEVM 🎮🚀

🚨 Here’s some things you can do to prepare for the campaign ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

  1. Create an account on Immutable Developer Hub
  2. After creating an account, create a project on the zkevm testnet, and proceed to obtain Immutable testnet tokens. Aim to have 4 tokens

Through the course of this campaign, if you have questions about any of the various quests, join our Discord, and head to the #immutable-helpdesk forum channel.

Note: You may refer to the Immutable Campaign Part 1 on the old platform to get a refresher on Immutable. However, do note that for the quest on minting an NFT, the method is now outdated due to new gas configurations.

Learning Outcomes

This campaign will give you a comprehensive learning experience that will prepare you for developing a game on Immutable zkEVM with a seamless login using Passport. Here’s what we’ll be learning. By the end of this campaign, you will be able to:

  1. Use the Immutable SDK to integrate Passport functions into your app
  2. Create metadata for your NFT collection
  3. Create a space invaders game that allows for minting of NFTs

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