Hybrid Smart Contracts With Oracles

3 tutorials

In this module, we’ll learn about how we can use oracles to make our smart contracts hybrid! By hybrid, we’re referring to the ability to connect our smart contracts with the external world - the capability to push and pull data from outside to inside the blockchain and vice versa.

In the first tutorial, we’ll provide an introduction to oracles as well as try out a common use case of oracles - getting price feeds. In the second and third tutorials, we focus on two specific services that the Chainlink oracle service provides - getting verifiable random numbers and connecting smart contracts with external APIs.

The ability to incorporate oracle services into smart contracts is definitely one that every aspiring Web3 developer should have in their arsenal. After this module, you’ll have this in your toolkit as well. Ready? Let’s go!

Helpful prior knowledge


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe what oracles are and why they are used
  • Understand the different types of oracles as well as their different use cases
  • Describe how Chainlink VRF v2 works
  • Describe how to incorporate the Chainlink API service into your smart contracts
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