Token Standards Masterclass - ERC20

3 tutorials

Step into the exciting world of Ethereum token standards with the first campaign of our three-part series! This introductory journey delves into the heart of the ERC20 token standard, the backbone of many digital assets on the Ethereum network.

You'll discover what makes a smart contract ERC20-compliant and explore the foundational requirements that shape the token's behavior and interaction with the Ethereum ecosystem. But we won't stop there! Our in-depth exploration extends to the ERC20 extensions and other fungible token standards, broadening your understanding of Ethereum's versatile landscape.

To complement our theoretical learning, we'll be engaging hands-on with practical sessions where you will be writing and interacting with ERC20 smart contracts. Embark on this comprehensive journey with us, and empower yourself with the tools to navigate and innovate in the world of Ethereum tokens.

Note that knowledge of Solidity is a prerequisite for taking part in this campaign. Learners are also highly encouraged to have some prior knowledge of blockchain fundamentals as well.

Helpful prior knowledge


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe what the ERC20 token standard is and why it is needed
  • Describe the mandatory functions and events that make up an ERC20 compliant smart contract
  • Create and deploy your own ERC20 token
  • Understand what ERC20 extensions are and how to implement them
  • Build and deploy ERC20 smart contracts with customized functionality
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