Solidity Twitter Project

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In this module, we’ll be creating a smart contract that mimics the functionalities of Twitter. The purpose of this module is to serve as a practice project for learners to exercise their Solidity coding skills. In particular, learners will have plenty of opportunities to practise with data structures such as Structs, Arrays and Mappings.

Learners will be completing empty functions based on problem statements. At the end of writing these functions, they’ll run their smart contract against a test script to check if the functions they’ve written are correct.

Learners are expected to have knowledge of Solidity before proceeding with this module. Please head to our Introduction to Blockchain & Solidity module if you haven’t yet learnt Solidity or require a refresher. Basic knowledge of Hardhat will come in handy too.

Helpful prior knowledge


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Initialise a Hardhat project directory
  • Confidently handle data structures such as Structs, Arrays and Mappings in Solidity
  • Write functions given the problem statement of what they should achieve
  • Test your smart contract against a given unit test script
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