ReactJS Basics

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In past web development tutorials, you would likely have tried typing out each line of code to design your websites in HTML and CSS. It probably took you quite a while to complete a site having to type out the markup language and complete the styling of elements. However, did you know that there are frameworks built to allow you to build websites that are scalable and fuss-free?

In this module, we will be diving deeper into web development with React, which is a JavaScript-based framework built by Meta. React is a Client-Side Rendering (CSR) framework that leverages the existing browser to run our scripts. Right now, modern browsers are shipped with JavaScript runtimes which allow websites to run JavaScript based code. By using React, it uses the same runtime needed to run websites and makes Front End programming more beginner friendly! It is flexible, lightweight and extremely easy to pick up.

Helpful prior knowledge

JavaScript Basics, JavaScript Intermediate

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Recognise the basic React framework and apply it to other React projects
  2. Install React CLI tools into your machine
  3. Use React via command line interface
  4. Create your own React web apps
  5. Master the techniques of reusing components in React
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