CSS Intermediate

6 tutorials

In the CSS Basics module, you were introduced to the basics of CSS like rulesets and some basic properties. In this module, we will learn more CSS properties and values that can be used to arrange the layout and positioning of the elements on our web page. You will also learn how to use responsive design in your web pages.
As we increase in difficulty, you will learn some CSS properties that will allow you to design more complex elements, and you will be challenged to create a stylish card. We will also be covering simple and complex animations with CSS.

Helpful prior knowledge

CSS Basics

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Use different CSS properties to position elements in a web page
  2. Make use of Flexbox CSS properties
  3. Create a web page that responds to different browser window sizes
  4. Implement CSS Grid properties and values to build complex layouts
  5. Explain the best use cases for CSS Grid
  6. Design more complex components using intermediate CSS properties
  7. Develop simple and complex animations using only CSS
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