Learn to Future-proof DApps with ZetaChain

3 tutorials

Welcome to the Learn to Future-proof DApps campaign presented by StackUp in collaboration with ZetaChain where players will be introduced to the ZetaChain ecosystem and the realm of omnichain contract development! Players can expect to get hands-on experience with writing and deploying their first omnichain contract!

Furthermore, players will also get the opportunity to write a cross-chain swap contract and perform cross-chain swaps across different EVM networks and Bitcoin to EVM! By completing this campaign, players will be well-equipped with the necessary fundamentals to write and deploy their very own omnichain contracts and build truly interoperable, seamless decentralized applications (DApps)!

Helpful prior knowledge


Learning Outcomes

  • Describe ZetaChain
  • Describe what Omnichain contracts are as well as their benefits
  • Initiate a contract call from a connected chain
  • Write and deploy a Cross-Chain Swap Contract
  • Initiate a Cross-Chain Swap from an EVM chain and from Bitcoin
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