Elevating NFTs with ZetaChain: Omnichain NFTs

3 tutorials

Welcome to the culmination of our four-part collaboration series with ZetaChain. In our previous ZetaChain campaign, we covered Cross-Chain Messaging. But in this campaign, we'll be circling back to where we started - Omnichain Contracts!

Prepare for an exhilarating finale as we kick off this campaign by delving deeper into ZetaChain's architecture in the first Quest. Then, In Quests two and three, we return to the realm of Omnichain NFTs.

In Quest 2, we'll be building and deploying an Omnichain NFT contract that allows users to "lock" tokens into NFTs and transfer them to other addresses, allowing recipients to burn these NFTs to redeem the "locked" tokens.

In Quest 3, for the first time in our ZetaChain campaign series, we'll be building a frontend interface that'll allow us to interact with our deployed smart contract.

Join us now as we take on the finale of our ZetaChain campaign series!

Helpful prior knowledge


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand key details in ZetaChain’s infrastructure
  • Create and deploy and Omnichain NFT contract
  • Build a frontend interface that allows users to interact with Omnichain contracts
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