Building Multi-Container Applications with Docker Compose

3 tutorials

In a previous campaign, we learned about Docker! As the next installment of our Docker fundamentals series, we’re diving into Docker Compose!

Docker Compose is a powerful tool within the Docker ecosystem, designed to define and manage multi-container Docker applications. Instead of using individual commands to set up each Docker container, users can script the entire stack in a single file. This file outlines the services, networks, and volumes, enabling developers to seamlessly orchestrate various containerized applications and dependencies!

In this module, we will kick off with a Docker refresher where we will containerize a simple to-do application. Next, we will build a multi-container application that tracks site visits using Flask and Redis. To cap things off, we will build a multi-container CRUD application, harnessing the synergy of Node.js and MongoDB!

This campaign is best attempted with prior knowledge of Docker!

Helpful prior knowledge

  • Complete the Basic DevOps with Docker Module

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, players will be able to:

  • Describe Docker Compose and the benefits of Docker Compose
  • Create a Docker Compose file
  • Build a Multi-Container Application using Flask and Redis
  • Build a CRUD Application with Docker Compose
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