SQL Fundamentals

3 tutorials

What is SQL and how is it the language to interact with databases? SQL is fundamental in data extraction from large datasets. The query language has played a key role in organising and analysing data efficiently, and making informed decisions based on the results. Its simplicity and versatility make the learning of SQL as the foundation of database management.

In today's data-driven world, the importance of SQL has grown exponentially due to the emergence of large volumes of data. As businesses generate and accumulate vast amounts of information, SQL becomes essential for managing and analysing these massive datasets.

In this module, we aim to understand the uses of SQL, its importance and applications, and use our new found skills to work on some simple and complex queries. We will be installing our very own MySQL Workbench as a useful interface for us to work with data, while learning the basic queries to manipulate data provided by our datasets.

Helpful prior knowledge


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this campaign, you will be able to:

  • Be able to query and manipulate data with SQL
  • Understand basic syntax of SQL
  • Work with actual databases and produce meaningful insights
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