Token Standards Masterclass - ERC1155







Welcome, esteemed pioneers, to the third campaign of our thrilling three-part odyssey exploring Ethereum's token standards! This campaign is your ultimate gateway to mastering the ERC1155 token standard, a game changer in the world of building on Ethereum.

Imagine the prowess of ERC20 and the versatility of ERC721 merging to birth a standard capable of housing multiple fungible and non-fungible token collections, all under one smart contract's roof. But words alone won't do it justice. Dive deep with hands-on endeavors as we create and deploy our very own ERC1155 smart contract.

Ready your tools and ignite your passion — this campaign promises a voyage like no other!

Note that knowledge of Solidity and blockchain fundamentals are recommended for taking part in this campaign, but not strictly required.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this campaign, you will be able to:

  • Describe what the ERC1155 token standard is as well as how it compares to ERC20 and ERC721
  • Understand the functions within an ERC1155 smart contract
  • Create, customize and deploy ERC1155 smart contracts to a testnet
  • Create smart contracts that are able to receive ERC1155 tokens

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