Bounty - Inspecting On-Chain Functions Involving Calls

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this bounty, you will be able to understand how encode/call functions are used in actual deployed smart contracts.

Quest Details


In this bounty, we’ll be challenging you to look at smart contracts that’ve been deployed on-chain to see how the functions we’ve learnt about in Quests 1 and 3 are used. This bounty bridges the gap between classroom knowledge and real world experience!

Here’s what you’ll be tasked with: search for a function in a smart contract that’s been deployed on-chain that contains any of the encode/call functions we learnt about in the earlier quests and provide a short description on how the encode/call function is used in the context of that function.

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This quest has 1 deliverable.

  1. Submit the URL to the markdown file containing your submission

This quest is part of a campaign so do check out other quests!

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