Quest 2 - Interact with Programmable Wallets

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this quest, you will be able to:

  • Interact with Circle’s Server-side SDK and Web SDK
  • Describe what is a Smart Contract Account Wallet
  • Create an EOA Wallet and Smart Contract Account Wallet
  • Initiate an Outbound Transfer

Quest Details


In this quest, learners will gain hands-on experiences interacting with Programmable Wallets using 2 SDKs offered under Circle’s Web3 Services: Server-side SDKs and Web SDKs!.

Learners will be guided through the process of creating two types of wallets: an Externally Owned Account (EOA) and a Smart Contract Account (SCA). The highlight of this quest involves initiating an outbound transfer from your SCA wallet to your EOA wallet, offering a practical insight into the operational dynamics of these wallet types.

This experience is designed to showcase the potential and functionality of SCA wallets, emphasizing how they are poised to significantly enhance the onboarding and user experience within the Web3 space. Acquiring these skills will not only deepen your understanding of Programmable Wallets but also equip you with the expertise necessary to excel in the two upcoming bounty challenges!

Let’s Begin! 🌐


This quest has 1 deliverable.

  1. Submit a screenshot of your SCA Wallet Details Page

This quest is part of a campaign so do check out other quests!

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