Seamless Cross-Chain Messaging with ZetaChain

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Welcome to the Seamless Cross-Chain Messaging with ZetaChain campaign, proudly brought to you by StackUp in partnership with ZetaChain. After delving into the world of building omnichain contracts in our first two campaigns, we're now shifting our focus to another crucial aspect of ZetaChain's capabilities - Cross-Chain Message Passing.

The campaign starts off by providing a comprehensive overview of the technical foundations that enable cross-chain messaging. This will set the stage for a deeper understanding of the processes and principles involved.

The second and third quests are where things get practical and hands-on. Together, we’ll be creating and deploying cross-chain messaging-enabled contracts on various blockchains. We’ll then interact with these contracts, orchestrating cross-chain messages between them.

This journey promises to be both enlightening and engaging, offering a blend of theoretical concepts and practical experience. Join us as we explore the exciting realm of Cross-Chain Messaging with ZetaChain!

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Learning Outcomes

This campaign will equip you with the skills necessary to send cross-chain messages using ZetaChain! By the end of this campaign, you will be able to:

  • Understand how ZetaChain’s cross-chain message passing works
  • Create cross-chain messaging enabled contracts
  • Deploy cross-chain messaging enabled contracts on different connected chains and set interactors on each contract
  • Send messages between cross-chain enabled contracts

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