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Note: This ideathon is a type of Bounty we run on StackUp. Rewards are given to the most deserving submissions based on the evaluation criteria.

In this second campaign with Aptos, you created your coin and an NFT. The possibilities on Aptos are boundless. This ideathon presents an opportunity for you to share your ideas on what to build if you were to enter an Aptos hackathon.

Submit an idea that belongs to one of the following categories:

  1. NFTs, Social Applications, and Gaming: Explore the creation, management, and utilization of NFTs. Build decentralized social platforms that empower users to connect and collaborate without intermediaries. Design blockchain-based games that enhance gameplay, ownership and community interactions.
  2. DeFi, and Payments: Explore the creation of decentralized finance applications that leverage Aptos' unique features.
  3. Web3 x AI: Hacking the Future of Content Creation: Consider how AI can be implemented in Web3 dApps, such as through queries on blockchain explorers. Alternatively, think about how blockchain technology can be used with AI applications.

Your idea should be approximately 300 to 500 words and cover the following:

  1. Category your idea belongs to
  2. What you would build on Aptos - Describe an idea of what you want to build on Aptos. Highlight how the unique features of Aptos make your dapp better.
  3. Mock-ups and illustrations - While these are not compulsory to have, having them would help the reviewers to understand your idea better (and maybe even get you rewarded 😉)

⚠️ Note on the use of Artificial Intelligence: You may not use any AI tools to create your submission. All submissions will be scanned with AI detectors. For submissions that are found to be generated with AI, we will consider this a fraudulent submission. However, you may use grammar checker tools like Grammarly and QuillBot to ensure your submission reads well.

🆘 For questions, click on the Go to Discord button below and head to the aptos-helpdesk channel.


This quest has 3 deliverables.

  1. Discord username
  2. Link to Idea
  3. X username

This quest is part of a campaign so do check out other quests!

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