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Note: Bounty rewards on Campus are awarded to the most deserving submissions based on the evaluation criteria.

In this first campaign with Aptos, you learnt about the Aptos blockchain and the basics of Move. This bounty presents an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge of Aptos through an insightful write-up.

In this bounty, you will create an educational write-up on Aptos. Craft your write-up ranging from 600 to 800 words encompassing the following:

  • Overview of Aptos - Introduction to Aptos
  • Why choose Aptos to build - Give reasons why you would make Aptos your choice blockchain to develop dapps
  • What you would build on Aptos - Describe an idea of what you want to build on Aptos, and where possible, highlight how the unique features of Aptos make your dapp better.

Your write-up should be posted on any of these platforms - Medium, Substack, or Once your write-up is complete, post a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) with the hashtag #LearnAptosMove so that your social network can read your article.

⚠️ Important: You may use AI tools to improve your writing for understanding and clarity. However, you may not use AI tools to generate the content of your write-up. The ideas and essence of the write-up should still come from you and what you think of Aptos.

🆘 For bounty-related questions, click on the Go to Discord button below and head to the aptos-helpdesk channel.


This quest has 3 deliverables.

  1. Link to Tweet
  2. Discord handle
  3. Link to Article

This quest is part of a campaign so do check out other quests!

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