Introduction to Databases

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completing your learning, you will be able to

  • Describe the core concepts of databases, their role in storing and managing data, and the essential features they offer for effective data manipulation.
  • Explore the realm of NoSQL databases, understand their advantages, and create your own database with MongoDB Atlas
  • Establish seamless connections between your NodeJS Back End application and databases, enabling data transfer and retrieval.
  • Design efficient data models and schemas that cater to the unique requirements of the project.

Quest Details


Throughout our exploration, we have delved deep into the realm of back-end development, discovering that it encompasses more than just the creation of visually stunning front ends or the handling of incoming requests. An integral part of back-end development revolves around databasing.

Think of a database as the digital reservoir for developers – a sophisticated storage solution embedded within the heart of your web ecosystem. Unlike standard web storage, databases are robust and persistent, offering the capacity to house substantial volumes of data in an organized and structured manner. The objectives of a database are multifaceted: it must seamlessly accommodate vast information stores, enable efficient data retrieval via unique identifiers, and execute a spectrum of database operations.

Our application's interaction with databases takes center stage. The Back End serves as the middleman through which data is transferred to and fetched from the database, allowing a seamless flow of information. In software development, there are two prominent types of databases emerging: Relational Databases, characterized by Structured Query Language (SQL), and Non-Relational Databases, often referred to as NoSQL databases. We will dive deeper into databases.


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