Quest 1 - Learning The Rust Package Manager Cargo

STARTS (GMT +08:00)
ENDS (GMT +08:00)

Learning Outcomes

  • Use the Rust ecosystem with Cargo
  • Apply Rust project structures in different situations
  • Learn how to use cargo to manage projects

Quest Details


Rust is truly a game-changer, empowering developers to build and test their own software with ease, without the hassle of juggling too many tools for different systems. And guess what? The Rust ecosystem is booming, with a plethora of crates just waiting to be explored!

In this quest, you'll learn how to wield cargo to elevate your Rust developer journey to new heights! 🚀

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🔔 New: For this quest, do note that the reward allocation will not be given entirely to the first 800 players. Instead, the first 560 players will receive rewards and the remaining $240 in the reward pool is shared evenly amongst other players who have approved submissions. For more information, you may refer to this Zendesk article.


This quest has 1 deliverable.

  1. A full screenshot

This quest is part of a campaign so do check out other quests!

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