Getting Started with USDC and Programmable Wallets Run 2

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Welcome to the Getting Started with USDC and Programmable Wallets Run 2 campaign presented by StackUp in collaboration with Circle. This campaign is a call to action for learners who participated in our last campaign as well as learners eager to dive into the cutting-edge innovation of stablecoins and smart contracts with Circle’s suite of developer tools. We will provide hands-on experience with Circle's USDC and Web3 Services SDKs with a core focus on Circle’s suite of Programmable Wallet APIs.

🌎 Why Learn About Circle Programmable Wallets?
This is an exceptional opportunity to create and manage secure Web3 wallets effortlessly through Circle's Programmable Wallets using developer-friendly REST APIs! You will also learn how to rapidly and securely enable USDC payment flows and wallets in your app to connect with customers worldwide.

Programmable Wallets offer compatibility across various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon and are well-positioned to onboard developers seeking to break new ground and integrate blockchain technology within their existing business or application.

🌟 Quest Outlook
We're switching things up with 2 Learning Tracks for this campaign. Mac users will embark on the iOS Track, whereas Windows users embark Android Track.

🛎️ Note: Learners will only need to select one depending on their device to embark on their Programmable Wallets adventure!

With these skills at your fingertips, you will be able to effortlessly create wallet solutions and manage wallet transactions with ease!

But there's more! This campaign also offers a unique opportunity for you to build your very own custom wallet using the Programmable Wallet SDK. By the end of our campaign, you'll be equipped with the expertise and insights needed to ideate and design your own customized wallet services and solutions!

🚨Here’s some things you can do to prepare for the campaign ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Learning Outcomes

This campaign will equip you with a comprehensive learning experience that will get you started to build using Circle Programmable Wallets! By the end of this campaign, you will be able to:

  • Describe Circle Web3 Services and Programmable Wallets
  • Discuss how Programmable Wallets tackles the existing limitations of wallets
  • Differentiate between User-Controlled and Developer-Controlled wallets
  • Launch Circle’s Programmable Wallet application and implement Wallet Creation, Recovery and Transfers
  • Build a custom wallet integration using Circle’s Programmable Wallet SDK
  • Implement Wallet Creation, Transfers and View Past Transactions on your Custom Wallet

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