Empower Your Developer Journey with Rust







“Rustaceans? Crab? Who is Ferris?” You are not alone asking these kinds of questions.

Why is there an ongoing hype around Rust? 🤔
Why are many developers loving Rust? 👀
Why should we learn Rust? 🕵️
What even is Rust? 😅
Why are my friends sending me lots of crab emojis!? 😠

No worries 😏 because we have something for you!

Let’s empower your developer journey 🥳 with Rusta language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

In this campaign, you will be stepping first into Rust, learning about the reason of its existence and learn why you should empower your Rust developer skills to become a full-fledged Rustacean 🦀

You will learn how to fight the borrow-checker, and become pampered with its cool and informative compile time errors when building Rust software 👀

Throughout this campaign, you will become acquainted with Ferris as well! 😳 Giving you more motivation to learn Rust.

You will also learn why Rust isn’t just about the programming language and why Rust is about empowering developers. ⏫

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this campaign, you will be able to:

  • Know a bit of Rust’s history and meet Ferris
  • Setup your development environment with Rust
  • Step into writing idiomatic Rust code
  • Understand the ownership system and the borrow checker
  • Basic error-handling

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