Creating a Basic API Server with FastAPI

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completing your learning, you will be able to:

  • Understand how FastAPI works
  • Create a Pydantic model
  • Create simple CRUD API routes
  • Use Postman to test your API

Quest Details


Previously, you learnt about FastAPI and its capabilities, created your development environment, and deployed a basic FastAPI web application. However, the website currently only returns text upon receiving a GET request. You will be adding more routes than a typical API server would have.

You will learn how to create a basic API that can create, read, update and delete operations for a single data structure. Thereafter, we will be using the Postman application to test our API.

For this quest, you can attempt it using a cloud development environment like Codespaces and Gitpod, or on your local device.


This quest has 1 deliverable.

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