Decentralized IDentity & Staking with Ontology II

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Previously you learnt decentralized identity (DID), the groundbreaking technology empowering you to own and control your digital identity. In this campaign, we will get you familiar with smart contract development on the Ontology EVM testnet, so that you develop the confidence to work on more contracts which can be deployed on Ontology.

Do note that we will be airdropping quest rewards in the form of ONT tokens. Successful submissions for the first quest will receive airdrops before the second quest hits.

In our second quest, we will look at ONT staking on the Ontology mainnet. That's right, no more testnets. Learn all about staking and liquid staking, and then stake with the ONT tokens you received.

Excited? Here's what you can do to prepare early. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • Setup your MetaMask wallet and configure it to the Ontology EVM testnet. Details here
  • Obtain testnet tokens from the faucet here.
  • Have a read through the first campaign to learn how to download and use ONTO Wallet


For learners who were not rewarded ONT for the first quest, you can make a request to exchange $1 from your Campus wallet for ONT using this form. The form will close on 5 April, 3pm (GMT+8). For requests made before 5 April, we aim to send the ONT to your provided address before the quest starts. For requests made on 5 April, we aim to send the ONT by 5pm (GMT+8).

Learning Outcomes

At the end of your learning, you will be able to

  • Deploy and interact with a smart contract on the Ontology EVM Testnet
  • Inspect transactions on the block explorer
  • Stake on the Ontology mainnet

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