Decentralized IDentity & Staking with Ontology

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Tired of Big Tech controlling your data? Time to rethink your digital identity and data management with Ontology! In this campaign, you'll crack the code on decentralized identity (DID), the groundbreaking technology empowering you to own and control your digital identity. Learn the secrets of ONT ID, your personal vault storing credentials and data securely, and unlock the power of the ONTO Wallet App, your gateway to the expansive Web3 universe and limitless possibilities.

For the first time on StackUp, we will be airdropping quest rewards in the form of ONT tokens. Successful submissions for the first quest will receive airdrops before the second quest hits.

Another first for StackUp, we will be looking at ONT staking on the Ontology mainnet. That's right, no more testnets. Learn all about staking and liquid staking, and then stake with the ONT tokens you received.

Excited? Here's what you can do to prepare early. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Download the ONTO Wallet app on your device. To download the app, visit this link. For your wallet name, use your Campus App username.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of your learning, you will be able to

  • Describe Ontology as a decentralized identifier protocol
  • Explain the four elements of a decentralized identity system
  • Use the ONTO Wallet App
  • Use Discord and X to engage with the Ontology community
  • Describe the benefits of staking and liquid staking
  • Stake on the Ontology mainnet

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