Quest 4 - Capstone: Online Store

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of your learning, you will be able to:

  • Use Affinidi Login for authentication and a seamless checkout process
  • Create an online retail store site

Quest Details


In the past three quests of the Affinidi Campaign, you have familiarized yourself with how Affinidi Login and Affinidi Vault work. Finally, we will be putting all our knowledge together to create our capstone project. It will be an online store. Users will be able to add items to their cart. Conventionally, at this point a user is prompted to fill out long forms; leading to cart abandonment. Form fatigue is a major reason why a lot of businesses lose consumers at checkouts. But since we now have a way to mitigate it, let's see how we can create a better user experience.

Since the user has their profile and contact information, along with their proof of humanity in the Affinidi Vault; this tamper-evident, zero-party data can be shared by the user with consent to the online store. This presents you with new opportunities to create a stellar consumer experience. The only limitation is what you can imagine to do with that data!

In our online store, once the user decides to checkout, they will log in with Affinidi. At this point, Affinidi Login will request the data points required by you from the user's vault and with this data, we will be able to automatically fill in their shipping information
On checking out, they will need to log in with Affinidi. With the data points requested, we will be able to automatically fill up their shipping information. Without further ado, let's start!

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