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Note: Bounty rewards on Campus are awarded to the most deserving submissions based on the evaluation criteria.

In Quest 4, we created our capstone project which utilised all that we know about Affinidi Login and Affinidi Vault. It led to an online retail store built using React.

In this bounty, we are challenging you to improve on the current capstone project. You are free to make any changes to the files you worked with from Quest 4. You are encouraged to make use of the Next.js framework, which a number of users have confirmed that it is more straightforward when deploying your site. Just ensure your submission is still a site that allows users to add items to cart and checkout with details from Affinidi Login.

Here are some questions to consider when working on your bounty.

  • How can you utilize the zero-party data shared with you directly by the user to enhance user experience on your website?
  • What other information from Affinidi Vault can be used?
  • How can the information from Affinidi Vault be used in the project, e.g. are there separate stores for users from different countries?

Once done with your project, you will need to deploy it to a web hosting service. Do remember to make the change to your redirect URI in the Affinidi Login configuration and your server-app's index.js file.

For technical help on the StackUp platform & bounty-related questions, click on the Go to Discord button below, head to the affinidi-helpdesk channel and look for the correct thread to ask your question.


This quest has 3 deliverables.

  1. Link to Deployed Site
  2. Link to Write-Up
  3. Link to GitHub Repository

This quest is part of a campaign so do check out other quests!

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