Advancing in Sui: Beyond the Basics

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Welcome to our second campaign in collaboration with Sui, a journey designed to elevate your skills in blockchain development. Building on the foundation laid in our first campaign, this series delves into intermediate-level Move concepts, empowering learners to write smart contracts on Sui with enhanced confidence and proficiency.

Throughout this campaign, we'll embark on an exciting venture of creating and deploying our own fungible token on Sui. This hands-on experience will not only solidify your understanding of smart contracts but also prepare you for more complex challenges ahead.

The highlight of our journey will be the last two quests, where we bring together all the skills and knowledge acquired so far into a comprehensive capstone project. We will develop a marketplace dApp, a dynamic platform where users can effortlessly buy and sell items.

Our marketplace dApp will also facilitate seamless payment transactions between buyers and sellers, showcasing the real-world applicability of blockchain technology.

Moreover, this project will serve as an excellent opportunity to explore the Sui SDK and Sui dApp Kit, essential tools for building frontend applications for Sui dApps. By integrating these powerful tools, you will gain practical insights into the development process, from backend smart contract functionality to user-friendly frontend interfaces.

Excited to begin building on Sui? Let's dive in and get started! 🚀

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Learning Outcomes

This campaign will give you a comprehensive learning experience that will prepare you for developing on Sui. Here’s what we’ll be learning:

  • Working with Sui objects
  • Building and deploying our own fungible token on Sui
  • Collections in Sui
  • Creating our own marketplace dApp and deploying it on Sui

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